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Driving innovation for tomorrow and delivering technology today, Vositone offers a comprehensive portfolio of electronics, and services opportunities across the globe. Vositone is designs, engineers and manufactures cutting-edge electronic products.Delivering brilliant technology through innovation and experience, and combining it with emotional appeal. With our commitment to innovation, we enable our customers and partners to transform how people live, work and communicate.

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With years of experience, our companies have the capabilities and expertise to help taking our clients to the next level. At Vositone, we combine products, insights and people skills to transform business. We're proud to contribute to shape and improve the way in which our client's structure and manage their businesses.

Personalized Solution

Based on different sales channel such as wholesale, distribution, gift promotion, Vositone will provide you the most suitable item. Stock ready to ship, quick OEM or white label service.

专业15+ Years of Experience

Equipped with 15+ years electronics industry background & experience, Vositone is your long-term smartwatch partner. OEM with your logo or ODM a new tooling, or develop a new APP, our experienced team will satisfy with you.

便捷Quality Control

No worry about our products because we always manage production line based on strictly quality-control system and doing 100% inspection. Advanced manufacturing and reliable testing machine also core for delivering constant quality products.

专业Defined-Quality Standard

Over 200+ skilled workers on production line will be your strong backing for any complex design and production. No matter any types of outlook or inside design we will make your products 100% nicely & elegant.

专业Comprehensive Support

From draft drawing, prototyping, reliability testing, stable APP, screen, main PCB board, assembly to quality control, rely on us. Free warehouse & shipping for you if for long term cooperation partners.

Favorable After Service

Our professional team is right here standing by to solve your before sale, during sale or after-sales challenges 24 hours per day. Videos, PDF guide is ready for our partners.

Customization in Needs, We Make it Work.

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If your goal is to innovate, grow, and prosper, take the next step now and partner with us to build your business. We're available for new projects.

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