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New Smart Tag V1027

Find your everything, Vositone's SmartTag is a small, battery-powered device that you can attach to things like a wallet, backpack or even your pet. Each SmartTag is powered by the very common and affordable CR2032 battery and is user-replaceable.


All You Need To Know About Smart Watch Certification

Well, for some regions, all you might need is your import rights. However, in most regions, you’d need more than this. EEU importations, for example, need your EORI Number. In some other countries, you’d need their local certificates for importations.


Find My App: Everything to Know

Apple in iOS 13 and iPadOS merged the Find My Friends and the find My iPhone apps into one app that's just called "Find My," because it's used for finding whatever you need to find.


Everything You Need to Know About Apple's Find My Network Accessory Program

Apple launched the Find My network accessory program designed for third-party accessory makers in April 2021, allowing device makers to integrate Find My right into their products.


Glucose Monitoring Wearables

Wearables these days can offer a host of impressive features. But perhaps none would be quite so impressive as a device that can offer glucose monitoring. For those who have diabetes, the benefits of a device that could achieve this would be truly amazing. Here, we take a closer look at whether glucose monitoring wearables are likely to appear on the market any time soon. And, moreover, whether or not they are likely to be worth the investment if and when they arrive. Smartwatches and Health Monitoring In the press in recent years, you’ll almost certainly have read stories about people who discovered that they suffered from a heart problem or other serious health issue only when their smartwatch told...


Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Watch

Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Watch
A multidisciplinary Chinese team just published the results of an exciting small trial involving a new smartwatch used for non-invasive blood glucose monitoring in the prestigious journal Nature.


MWC 2023: What is it and what can we expect?

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 is fast approaching, and that means there's about to be an explosion of smartphone, tablet and laptop announcements.


Western Europe Business in 2023

High-likelihood risks will require greater focus on scenario planning through 2023–2024 Western Europe is set to see acute risks throughout 2023, stemming from both strong macroeconomic headwinds and rising political uncertainty. While these risks are not part of FrontierView's base case for the region, they highlight the need for greater focus on scenario planning in the medium-to-long term, especially because of their considerable impact on markets’ potential performance. Additionally, they underline the difficult operational environment that multinationals are set to experience in terms of both demand opportunities and operational costs. Government-mandated gas rationing in the EU (35%): While warm weather and high gas inventories will likely soften the need for European governments to implement strict rationing measures in the winter of...


Doing Business to Latin America in 2023

LATAM could once again emerge as the clear winner among emerging markets in 2023 As companies operating in LATAM build contingencies into their 2023 plans, they should continue to weigh global disruptors much more heavily vis-à-vis domestic factors, whether the former stem from a much-faster-than-expected Chinese slowdown, escalation of the war in Ukraine, or disruption to key commodities’ production and supply. When it comes to disruption that could originate in LATAM or be directed at LATAM, our bias is to the upside for the first time in many years. The region already grew faster than expected in 2022, and we have reasons to believe that LATAM could emerge as a clear winner among emerging markets again in 2023. All downside...

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