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Wearables Solution

Smart Watch Solution, Vositone offers a embedded solutions for Smartwatches or connected platforms used for interacting with smart devices.

Fall Detection Smart Watch Solution

Fall detection smartwatches are those that automatically identify falls and call or send a message or email to an emergency number via SOS. This means that if you wear it, the fall alert smartwatch will automatically detect a severe fall and dial the number.


Hybrid Smart Watch Solution

Our hybrid smartwatch looks like a traditional watch but functions as a smartwatch. The watch looks like a stylish and classic design that makes it almost impossible to know your wrist with a smart technology watch. Hybrid smartwatch usually without a touch screen, and will have a little separate for you to check notifications like a message, calls, social media, etc…


GPS Smart Watch Solution

GPS smart watch, also known as positioning watch and anti-loss watch, is an electronic product with satellite positioning, communication ability, and health data monitoring.


Fitness Tracker Solution

With the innovation of smart wearable technology, there will be a variety of  sports modes, such as running, dancing, football, basketball, badminton, gym, cycling etc, which will automatically calculate the calories you consume according to different exercise mode and give you some professional suggestions based on your sports situation. 


Sleep Smart Watch Solution

We spend about 30% of our lives sleeping, but the quality of our sleep is unknown to us. There have been few tools available to measure your nightly sleep performance in the past few decades except in a specialized sleep-monitoring lab.


Heart Rate Monitor Smart Band

Heart rate is a vital sign of the human body. Real-time monitoring of heart rate is crucial for human health. There are various heart rate monitoring products on the market, including chest straps and wrist monitors.


Smart Bracelet Solution

Smart bracelet is a slim innovative wrist device that monitors your heart rate and daily activity.


Social Distancing Bracelet For Contact History Tracing

Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention Solution Social Distancing Bracelet ForContact History Tracing The COVID-19 pandemic has been spreading and continuing for two years and is gradually under control. But it is likely the world will need to live with the virus for a long time. So intelligent & scientific prevention tools and management systems are crucial. Vositone as a IoT smart wearable supplier deliver social distancing alarm solution, real-time locating, automatic alarm, contact history tracking, and analysis for every field want epidemic prevention. We provide a variety of social distance alarm solutions. We offer a whole solution for innovative facilities based on UWB positioning technology, including UWB social distancing bracelet, UWB gateway, and IoT platform management. The tolerance for the UWB smart...


Social Distancing Wearables

Social Distancing Wearable Solution Your Contact Tracing WearableManufacturer & Supplier Introduction In the past two years, the global surge in COVID-19 infections has led to economic lockdowns and restrictions on people’s daily lives. Many digital solutions companies are actively seeking and developing practical solutions to control the spread of COVID-19. More and more companies and governments have adopted the management of contact history tracing solution to control the outbreak.  1. What is Social Distancing & Contact Tracing Solution According to my different application scenarios, iSmarch have different technologies to implement contact history tracing management such as Bluetooth, RFID WIFI, UWB to make devices to communicate and connect and send messages, alerts to any employee who has been in close contact...

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